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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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from the san francisco zoo and the foods that protect you from alzheimer's disease.ñrxdñi f >> we begin withñixd breaking n. another childlp killed. this time i4!cs a÷d 5-year-old boy. good evening and thank you very much for joining us. >> raj and jessica are off tonight. intersection of 5ce1th and
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international boulevard whereq nbc'sc cherl herald has the latest. >> police are still gathering evidence. the street is still blocked off. this is where police say a 5-year-old boy was shot and killed while standing at a taco truck. we believe with his father. it has beent( confirmed that th boy has died.t(-9 he was take tone children's hospital and we werew3 talkinge with a man who said he heard thr shots. >> we turned around and got a call. >>q we turned back around and camet( backw3 to the area and s what was going on. we couldn't get through the tape. we spoke to oneçó of the young 1 andq it was a 5-year-old kid.
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hospital. >> this comes after carlos na va wasu.xjf shot and kill and tha happened about blocks awayñr fr here. that situation caused great community outreach. there were marches in the streets and talking aboutçó sto the violence and now we are cold that this is the 103rd hom sight for oakland and we are at the end of the year.t(çólpñrjfi] nbc bay area news.t( >> another tragicxdxd evening ió thanks so much. ujp monkey stolen out of the enclosure at the san francisco zoo. banana sam is say two-pound 17-year-old squirrel monkeyjf le this who zookeepers discovered someone had cutfá a hole in the back fence andxd taken off with banana sam. despite his cute appearance, he
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has sharp teeth and is known to bite. keeping him can be dangerous to humans and dangerous to banana keeping him can be dangerous to >> he needs to come back to the zoo. he is on a special diet. they are fed at(çó primate chow highly social. he should not be alone. probably very stressed. >> a $5,000 reward is being offered for the monkey's safe return, no questions asked. new tonight at ñi11:00, pg& admits they lost maps covering pipelines in contraxd costa couy meaning the lines were not inspected forfá decades. what's worse, the company told mercury newst( onet( serioud 22 minor gas leaks werew3 discovered. thefáok pipeline# runs throughsá pittsburgh, brentwood, byronçó d discovery the longest was six plusñ'7 mi in pittsburgh where one wase1
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immediate danger. >ñi expl inw3 sanxd bruno, killing peopld leveling a neighborhood. the missing maps were discovered on december 21st by pge employee and they will likely be subject to fines. the law requires the pipelines be surveyed every five years.c pg&e is announcing rate hikes today. averagerp)ates for gas customer jump 1.8 percent increased revenuejfok willñiñi replacet( infrastructure though they are not the result of a sançó brunoó disaster. >> new details in the michelle lei case. they show disturbing and threatening texti]i] messages s from the çórgumaq9ñ one sent said she dug her own grave. she allegedly told hermy ex-bo+au)q'd if .ñi didn't cuf communication with her, she
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would not be around much longer. é$ey revealfáqxd evidence that plotted to get evidence about theçó nursing student before he dis arkappearance in a parking . her body w found in an east bayhnyon. they found traces of her dna on esteban'sko shoes. remains in custody.xd >>+ dui charges mpú stick more often.e1xd santa clara county just got grant money to buy new breathalyzer machines. live at açó dui check point wit more on how the newñ;?ñ machinee expected to make a difference. jean? >> what officers see çóhere, it to convict a drunkq driver. police need evidence to prove their case and the new breathalyzers will provide evidence for police and drivers. take ten steps forward. >> policeñijf are looking for d
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drivers. sergeant ksv running this check a former nurse, hea5 has seen horrorq caused bqó?yb. drunk d. >> keep w3going. >> the drunk driver, they have your family, my family. i don't meet a lot of people who have not been impacted by a drunk driver.t( >> police arrest drunk çódriver but it can be difficult it buil a solid case. in may the district attorney's office had to review hundredsfáf dui casesqñr after learning fie to get 13 new machines to help hr(c faster. timing is key.t( there is a rule of thumb. the soonerjf we can get thei] breathalyzer or blood test taken, it's more of an accurate
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reading.ok >>t(i] the california officer o officeçó awarded the éá a's of a $161,000 grante1 to buy thee1 machines. added to new field stations. having more locations and state-of-the-art equipment will help land convictions. >> with new technology, the more accurate the test is, the better it is for uslp to validatec whae are doingt( and seeing. jury to say yeah, you are under the influence.xdríi >> in 2009, 950 people were killed in accidents involving drunk drivers. the new breathalyzers arefá arrive in to fourt( weeks. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> thanks so much. high school students areokñr expected to arrive home any minute now after a ski trip to utah took a shocking turn.
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massive amount of pot and paraphernalia on board the student busesñr earlier this we. this is not the first time a bus from s.w.a.t. that stand for busted. >> ironically the same spot where people stopped andxdw3t( got caught last year also. i'. i sent them home when they got there. >> the owner saidñi he stands b his program and does everything a senior from the high school who didn't want to show hise1xdf onc;h(psq)a said he wasn board one of the busses and was shocked no students were arrested. >> the stuff they found, no arrests? they took the stuff and saidxd u are on your way? >> it's common knowledge that the popular trip is just an excuse to party. >> protecting yourself against alzheimer's disease. still ahead at çó11:00, could yr
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dietxd play a roll . food could lower your risk. no matter what. >> a bay area manççójffá saved s of lives in world war iig neveri] recognized )u'til now. how professor helped make it happen. >> a series of dangerous arson fire rips through the former home of a rock 'n' r'ç legend. we managed sunshine to breakthrough this fog in san jose. numbers to bump up to 63. cloudy and 56. more clouds as we head into tomorrow morning and temperatures in the 40s andñi we're tracking a storm offshore forecast in a minute.ñiñi
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executive. apple's head of design is ñ british knight esign is hood. atl service called by jobs his spiritual partner. he has been with apple forxd mo people behind the look and the ipod. reached by the bbc e1tonight,é@ jonathan told them the knight hood was absolutelyht@thrillin. >> as quick as the dropped callezl$u$ey reversed the ì& additional fee tonby their bills. announcedt( theçóc $2 fee. verizon wanted to charge the fee to customer who is made a-time
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payment online or over thecçó phone. the outcry onocial network sites was enough to hear the message and drop the charge. lles dtr/él" a piece of rock 'n' roll history in laurel canyon. this is what'sxd left of the ho of jim morrison and hisñi girlfriend. it was inspiration for the song love street. it tookçó 56 firefighters a lite more than a half hour to control the fire here, but this was only one of 19 fires th7yp had on their hands overnight. the city isq on tactical alert after someone sete1 cars on fir the streets close to homes. they were swamped putting out the fires and collectingé@ t( evidence. no suspect has been arrested, but they are looking to seexd i they are linked to recentt( fir on sunset boulevard. >> sometimes justice takes ti ]y a men low park veteran who saved a ship almost 70 years ago is getting the recognition hejfjf
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deserves. #e1t an effort to right afá racist wrong. the other side. i didn't know my collarbone was c clark may reme?b%rs every detailt( of the night in 1945 whenxd the naval destroyer, the uss aaron ward thet( man said he and the other black man on thek ship were on allowed to cook meals and shine shoes. when suicidet( planes slammed io the ship, he grabbed the fire the seven o$@ men who were supposed to be doing the same thing died within minutes, plane hit. one of the fires. #o
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>> one came close to blowing up and 42 people died that day. the captain sought him out.xd >> he said clark, i have been ájjájjtju you. i wanted toxd thank yutu for sa ship. >> it wast([o a different time. of the 300 men on thejnkjf desó onlyok a handful were black and q servants. >> we were segregate and abused and we came last. >> when it was time to fill out the battle report detailing what took place and documentingjf th contributions sailors made, his name was not mentioned. he was not surprise,.a hr(t&háhp &hc they didn't. i didn't expect what's happeninó now. happen. >> a professor heard his storyj
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and approachedg who lobbied the navy to have nearly sevent( decades later confirmed the conbugz on that deadly night.xd >> i feel good to get this (9=i9ñfá >> the secretary isçó expected pin a medal ont( clark. he said the military is doing he thought he would never witness. not just the color of his skin. tracy grant, nbc bay area news. money trouble is down. plenty of happenings won't manyñr venuesxdñi areçó goin!áx. the hotel will transform theñi lobby into a bar. there will b'yñi live music ande best part is no cover.çói]xdçówq
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to drink and get together. it's i]awesome. >> a sign that the clugishñig'? economy is notxd keeping people off the barstools. the partye1 will hitçó around 1 and the toast and it is all >> also free, public transit.çór muni, caltrain and santa clara valley will be free until early sunday morning,3w january 1st. if you are going to check out the works in san francisco, muni overheight routes. tickets are at thejf regular prices and there will be extra service from new year's eve until 3:00 in the morning new year's day.3w the new year isi] just 24 hours a dress rehearsal for the all important ball drop, they num
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two. there barricades in place to control the t(crowds. the party is expected to extend for 17 blocks. >> jeff ranieri used to live in new york. >> yes.xd >> did you attend new year's eve? >> i'm( emt to it once, but it was so like 12 hours before, you were luc. >> you ]tuu even see the ball hr(t&háhp &hc £6c >> i attended a few parties here and there. keeping track of 2011 and the dry fall and also t(winter. right now it does lock like oakland will go down as the driest decemberq ever on record. only fá11/100t(s here in decemb. the olde1 record was shatteringc the record with thi unusual drying trend we are seeing. /1e 16t(>$!ys of rain since ju 1ste1 since last year this time. we hadlp 52lp days with rainfal. we ar]ájf keeping our fingers
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crossed and we hope it brings us rainfall. we are seeing clearing and where that happened, temperatures are dropping to the 30s.çó still cloud cover here and huge disparity. 55 in san jose. juxdc hoping to cap q heating. it's cooling off as we head throughout tomorrow morning. patchy fog avdt where that develops, area of drizzle. throughout saturday, thee1 countdown is on with clearing and drying. for saturday and sunday. we are looking at a few showers as we head into next week. right now we do have axd lot of low level moisture and as that is developing the fog, we are findingfá areas of drizzle acro the peninsula and the north bay and plenty of cloud cover backokc in the easty otherwise the worst visibility in napa and novato wherñd the commute will be the worst into tomorrow morning. here's the thing. we do have a lot of moisture out
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)iqq!%m storm system is just a ad over the past 6ok to eight week. in california, itçó will contin to ridgejf off to the north. us dry as we head intoçó the ne year's weekend. in the 60s fosó saturday and sunday. with that fog in the morning b of drizzle and overall will beoa sunny start to 2012. as we head throughout sjju morning, the coldest start with s÷ezok santa rosa and 36 in san rafael and 43 in livermore and santa cruz should get down s-ñ about lp39. as for new year'sfá eve, a lot you heading out for that. a dry forecast with cloud cover as we approach midnight. temperatures around 40 and by 3:00 a.m. for you late partiersó temperatures in the upper 30s.çó we may have cloud cover to contend with, but overall it's not too bad when you consider
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the time of year. as for saturday, a lot of sunshine by the afternoon and temperatures in the low 60s. 60 in losñr gatos and 62 in san for the t(peninsula, upper 50s o near 60.lpr (c9=i ñichmond and 60 inxd from napa to d sono÷ valleys. once again,ok patchyñrñr fog an co bit treacherous for jeueíp the longer you wait to get going, the better off it will be. the seven-day forecast has dryç weather through mondayçó and tuesday and showers on thursday and friday. all in all, not too badt( as we head throughout this new year's weekend. this cold weather is giving you anñ2hq,cuse to find somebody fo the new year's kiss. we are trying to play match maker here. >> i'm blushing.lp thanks. >> could your diet affect your risk of alzheimer's? what to eat to protect yourself we arees bk in
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thelp fda approved a vaccin for adultsxdym 50 andfámy ove. it's already standard for infantsw3 and young children whh can cause pneumonia and ear infectio infections. it's estimated that t(xd300,000 adults get the deadlyñi bacteri every year. >> a fish a day may keep people who eatt( foods high int ' shrink. oily fishlp like salmon, macker fruits and vegetables can keep a food study saidçq( people wit diets high in omega andq vitami b, c, cd, andlp e score higher n
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people low in those t(nutrients. they have be%'( shown to cult diseasec and blindness. jamie is in the comcast newsroom. >> coming up in sports, how skittles left afá bitter taste theñi mouth of mar shone1 lynch. we will explain next in sports.
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as warriorsfá fans get read to ring in the new yearality oracle arena, theyjf may have t celebrate withouti their best player. the warriors insider is reporting that montyñr ellisxd d miqj tomorrow's game against his
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he could make it back to oracle o more nba action.ñi the jazz bear in the3w jersey going down the3w aisle. jazz down in ç:pansition. that was paul milsap for the lay in. the sixers defense turns to offense. gets it back to him vp' flies in for the slam and under five. sixers down three and trying to
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then tie game with six seconds to play. tt forok heat win 103-101. questionable for sunday's game against thelp rams including patrick willis. a win may dopk up a first round bye. a $10,000 fine. she known for eating during games and he wore these skittlei 49ers. the nflp) made himc play,q fin himq $10,000. jeu(j worth it. maybee1 he will getjf some sort promotion deal with skittles after xdthat. $10,000 for wearing those shoesó >> all you can eat skittles.q >> the nfl stands for the no fun
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league. >> absolutely. happy new year. back in a moment.
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tomorrow ucla will be playing against each other in at at&t park. they did what they could to tackle hunger in theñi bay area. ucla players serve thousands of meals in san francisco and at st. anthony's university of ,000 meals as partfá of the kraft fo hubble to fight hunger campaigná i] f san francisco giveqfá them a ni meal for the holidays and make h)& we love what we do.
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we just love us rm]9q'q&p them out.jfñie1ñiw3xd >> the kraft fight hunger meal will donate for every ticket sold. tomorrow afternoon atñr 12:30. at&tñi za&-9ñ >> people can got( to the game d the embarcadero. can they see thei] fireworks? >> we will have a little bit of cloud cover, did you it will cooperate witháius.w3 dry conditions and a little bit you may need tojf look for a fe clouds, but not too bad. >> happy new year. >> very a nice weekend.
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